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What Is The Best PWA Solution?

Selecting the right PWA solution is the key to getting the PWA store that best matches the business’s expectations. However, it is nowhere easy as most store owners are not technical experts. 

This chapter will introduce all the PWA development solutions, and for each solution, we also suggest the most suitable type of business to apply. 

We also want to note that among these 3 solutions mentioned below, some platforms may lack 1 – 2 integration methods.

At the moment, Magento is the software that has the best supporting policy for PWA. All 3 solutions can be applied here, and Magento also introduces an official tool to assist merchants in developing PWA for their site.

Progressive Web App Extensions


PWA extensions are just similar to other types of extensions/ plugins on websites.

You can buy a PWA module and configure it in the backend by yourself or ask the extension provider to complete this stage.


With just 2 simple steps (purchasing and configuring), the installation process is super quick. Also, the price is meager as the configuration stage is not so complicated.


Fast and cheap – two outstanding characteristics of this PWA solution turn out to be the weakness as the website does not go through any massive changes.

The new PWA store remains the old structure of the original website. This is not the PWA structure with frontend and backend connected by API.

Some of the Progressive Web App’s functionalities are still missing. 

Another problem that can cause trouble to the store is the code conflict, as some extensions may not follow Magento coding standards. 

Also, the website interface is the same, which does not fit the mobile-friendly criteria for PWA. Mobile users end up gaining zero benefits after upgrading to PWA by extension.

The last drawback of using the PWA extension is the unstable performance if the developers ignore the responsibility to update the new version of Magento. 

Progressive Web App Themes & Templates

progressive web app development solution
Tigren’s Premium Progressive Web App Template


There are 2 main types of Progressive Web App themes available on the market: Premium and free themes. Premium themes offer high-quality solutions while charging a high price.

For free themes, no fees are required, and merchants can use them immediately. However, we do not recommend using PWA themes offered for free, as merchants might end up with a poor-quality PWA store and eventually need to pay the developers to fix the trouble. 


The first advantage of choosing PWA themes is that it is straightforward to install.

Plus, there is a wide range of storefront designs to fit different businesses’ needs. 

Most importantly, most PWA templates are equipped with a full range of features.


With the added benefits to the new store from PWA integration by the themes, the cost will be higher than using the extensions for PWA development.

One thing to note here is that although PWA themes have done an excellent job in adding PWA features and making adjustments on the site to optimize users’ experience, some businesses might not be satisfied with the final result and require further customization.

As a result, the development fee gets higher.

Custom PWA Development


With this PWA solution, the PWA development agency will develop a specific PWA from the ground up based on the requests from merchants. 


As the business requirement leads everything within the PWA integration process,  merchants will get the new PWA store that best fits their expectations, and it will also be a unique one.

This makes custom PWA development superior to the themes as anyone can buy the theme, but the custom PWA development is designed for one business only.

Thus, customers will also find it easy to recognize the store, increasing the brand loyalty score. 


The solution is expensive and time-consuming as this PWA solution needs to be developed from the beginning. Plus, code conflicts can occur on the Magento website if the solution does not comply with Magento standards.

PWA Solutions Comparison

PWA Extensions:

By integrating PWA by this method, the website will only change slightly. There are some new PWA features added so merchants can apply this solution if they want to test the reaction of customers before selecting the solution with a higher cost.

This is understandable as COVID 19 had made several businesses difficult to maintain revenues to operate, and any investment decisions need to be done carefully. 

PWA themes and templates:

This solution has a reasonable price, and it takes to finish the development process is not too long.

For businesses that do not have high requirements for design and function, we highly recommend applying this PWA solution as it will not consume too much money and time, but the returns on investment will be worth the effort made by merchants. 

PWA custom development:

This solution is appropriate for large corporations with a flexible budget. They have complex requirements for their PWA store: unique design and several custom functions. 

Consider Carefully To Make A Wise Choice Of PWA Solution

PWA themes are the most popular PWA solution at the moment. Like the websites, we do not hire developers to build them from the beginning but choose a theme instead to save time and money.

We hope that this chapter has helped merchants have a brief understanding of major PWA development methods available. The decision belongs to the firms, so make sure to list the requirements for the PWA store in advance and estimate the budget and time spent on developing PWA.

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