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PWA Examples

If you are running a website or simply a tech geek, you have likely heard of Progressive Web App (PWA), one of today’s most concerning technologies. Some people say that PWA is more powerful than traditional websites and native apps since it delivers the elites of both worlds. Up to now, there is a wide range of companies worldwide adopting PWA in their businesses and gaining successful outcomes. Here are the top 100 PWA examples of small-to-large firms who embraced the trend very early!


What Is PWA?

PWA is the short name for Progressive Web Application.

To put it simply, it is the perfect blend between a website and a native app. Website users have an app-like experience when surfing PWA.

Now let’s discover the top successful Progressive Web App examples in the world.

Top PWA Examples Worldwide

1. Lancome

Lancome is one of the most outstanding PWA examples. According to Google Developer, after rebuilding the site to PWA, this famous cosmetics brand experienced a positive signal in business:

  • 17% increase in conversions
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate
  • 51% increase in mobile session
Lancome PWA

2. Alibaba

When people search for PWA examples, Alibaba always appears on the first search engine result pages.

Along with Lancome, Alibaba is one of the biggest B2B e-commerce firms, soon turning to PWA. With an increase of 76% in conversions across browsers and a 4X higher interaction rate from Add to Homescreen.

alibaba pwa

3. AliExpress

Following the successful steps of Alibaba, AliExpress – a B2C e-commerce business owned by Alibaba Group, also integrated PWA into its site. They saw a 104% increase in new users across all browsers. Also, the pages visited per session per user are doubled.


4. Edblad

Edblad is a Swedish-designed jewelry brand founded in 2006 by Cathrine Edblad. This is one of the most well-designed examples of PWA sites.

Edblad PWA

5. Fandango

Fandango provides the cinema ticket service. People can book cinema tickets online in a convenient way. Its PWA is 50% faster than its old native apps.

Fandango PWA

6. George At Asda

George is a part of ASDA Walmart, a leading UK clothing brand. The mobile conversion rate of this brand is increasing by 31% after turning the site to the Progressive web app. 

This example of PWA saw 3.8x average page loading time, 2x lower bounce rate, and 120% page views per visit.

George PWA

7. Wego

Wego is a travel metasearch engine based in Singapore. After building a PWA, the travel company Wego noticed a 26% increase in the number of users, a 95% increase in conversions on Android, and a 50% increase on iOS.

Wego PWA

8. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an India-leading travel company. The concept of this brand is also working similarly to Jumia travel, Booking, etc. After launching a progressive web app, the conversion rate is roar 300% and improves page load times by 38%.

Make My Trip PWA

9. Pure Formulas

Pure Formulas is the leader in online health and supplement in Miami. Its revenue per visit is 23% higher in just 2 months.

PureFormulas PWA

10. Flipkart

Another common name in the PWA examples articles is Flipkart – India’s largest e-commerce site. Resulting from the launch of their PWA, the time on site is tripled, also highering 40% re-engagement rate.

Flipkart PWA

11. Jumia Travel

Another name in our PWA examples list is Jumia, an online travel agency that provides online hotel preservations across Africa. The PWA helps Jumia reduce 80% data for the first booking and:

  • 33% higher conversion rate
  • 50% lower bounce rate
  • 12X more users versus native apps (Android & IOS)
  • 5X fewer data used
  • 2X fewer data to complete the first transaction
  • 25X less device storage required
jumia travel

12. OLX

One of India’s largest online destinations for classified ads, OLX provides communities in high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces. They connect local people so they can buy, sell, or exchange used goods and services, making it fast and easy for anyone to post a listing on the web. Here are some achievements of OLX after introducing its PWA:

  • 23% less time until the page is interactive
  • 80% lower bounce rates
  • 146% higher CTR on Ads
  • 250% more re-engagement

13. Continental AG

Continental AG had its corporate magazine implemented as a Progressive Web App. This is characterized by web push messages and an offline mode.

Also, this PWA is four times faster on mobile devices than on a normal website.

Continental PWA

14. is one of the first Swiss news portals to adapt Progressive Web App technology. The main purpose of this PWA is to disseminate taken screens in public transport, at petrol stations, and in fitness centers at the fastest speed. PWA

15. Tourimus

The PWA of the Tourismusverband NRW guides visitors as a digital guide to relevant places of pop music.  With the new functionalities, users can be navigated through different cities by releasing their location and receiving additional content in multimedia at a short distance from various spots.

Tourismus PWA

16. Lotto

Another example of PWA comes from Germany – This is a website to play the lottery. The fast loading speed of this PWA helps lottery players can start playing in a shorter time. PWA

17. Petlove

Petlove is a channel where you can find everything for your dogs, cats, and other small animals. Its PWA is 8 times smaller than its native app before.

Petlove PWA

18. Treebo

Treebo – The Indian hotel booking chain experienced a conversion rate roar 400% in comparison with the previous year’s statistics. Also, it takes only 1.5 seconds to appear on the home screen.


19. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network like Facebook or Twitter but with images. After being upgraded to PWA, the changes to PWA made its website several positive improvements in core business metrics.

The time users spend is sharply increased by 40%, user-generated ad revenue is up 44%, and core engagements are up 60%.

pinterest pwa

20. Infobae

Infobae is a news website that was created in Argentina in 2002. Its progressive web app brings about 230% longer sessions and 300% page views per session than the previous mobile site. And the bounce rate is also reduced to 5% versus 51% before.

Infobae PWA

21. Financial Times

A British journal called Financial Times has also joined a progressive web app race. This progressive web app allows its readers to read articles offline and on the go.

Financial Times PWA

22. BMW

When it comes to PWA examples in the automotive industry that applied PWA technology, BMW is the pioneering brand. The new website loads 300 times faster than competitors’ websites.


23. Netmoms

Netmoms optimizes their site by using PWA. Hence, the design improved, and information on the site was served quickly.

Netmoms PWA

24. Tinder

Tinder is not an unheard thing to the Millenials. It is a dating app, with just 4.69 seconds to charge instead of 11.91 seconds before. Besides, the size of Tinder’s PWA is 90% smaller than Tinder’s app.


25. Telegram

Telegram – a popular mobile chat service. They were choosing PWA to faster the loading speed of the site.

Telegram PWA

26. Starbucks

Thanks to the Progressive web app, even in poor connection conditions, Starbucks still works fluently. With the Starbucks PWA, users can browse the menu to make an order for takeaways to save time in queue.

Starbucks PWA

27. Virgin America

Virgin America is an American airline at first. In 2018, it integrated with Alaska Airlines. After integration, Virgin America launched PWA and increased it by 30% of site speed.

Virgin PWA

28. Forbes

It is indisputable that Forbes is one of the most trusted business magazines in the world. Integrated to Progressive Web App, Forbes gained 43% more sessions per user. The session duration also doubled. Moreover, the portion of users who interact with PWA is 100%. This is one of the most successful PWA app examples.


29. Book My Show

Book My Show is a ticket company that provides showtimes, movie tickets, reviews, movie trailers, concert tickets, and events throughout India. Many positive signals appear when Book My Show rebuilds its site with PWA, such as:

  • The conversion rates increase by more than 80%
  • Its Android app and iOS are 54 times and 180 times bigger than a PWA, respectively
  • It takes less than 2.94 seconds to fully load the site, and checkout is enabled within 30 seconds
Book my show

30. Washington Post

The Washington Post is a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. The number of returning users from mobile search within 7 days of this PWA app example is raised by 23%.

Compared with its traditional mobile website, the site loading time is improved by 88%. Furthermore, there are more than a thousand posts are uploaded to Washington Post daily.

the washington post

31. ShopEddies

ShopEddies is a reliable online store selling automotive parts with several branches in the United States and Canada. After converting its site to PWA, desktop and mobile experiences improved.

A dynamic and ultra-fast PWA storefront (3X faster). Find more about the development process of this PWA example here.

Shopeddies PWA

32. 9GAG

9GAG seems to be the funniest site on the Internet. It is a social network that allows users to upload user-generated content.


33. OpenSooq

OpenSooq is the largest online classified ad in the Middle East and North Africa. Users can freely transact with many products spread from cars, real estate, home furniture, education, training, etc. The result of Opensooq from using a PWA is quite impressive:

  • Average time on page increased 20%
  • 260% more leads (Call, Comment, Chat)
  • 56% improvement in average page loading Time (sec)
OpenSooq PWA

34. Grand Velas Riviera Maya

This is a resort in Mexico. The e-marketing director of Grand Velas Riviera Maya said that deploying PWA technology on our website was incredibly successful. The push notifications and speed help to increase the Black Friday conversion rate by 53%.

Grandvelas PWA

35. West Elm

West Elm is a major retail furnishing company, a part of William Sonoma Group. This example of PWA witnessed a 15% increase in average time spent and 9% more in revenue per visit.

Westelm PWA

36. is the biggest food ordering and delivery company in China. There are more than 1.3 million restaurants in over 200 cities around China in With 99% of users ordering food via mobile, the brand sets a goal to improve its mobile web experience. Hence its PWA was born to solve the problem. The loading times across all pre-cached pages decreased by 11.6%. On the 3G network, the first-time loading only takes 4.9 seconds.

37. Truclothing

Truclothing is a business based in the United Kingdom. This brand specializes in men’s casual, formal clothing, shoes & accessories, with our women’s range ever-expanding. In 2019, Truclothing decided to integrate PWA into its current website to create a brand new user interface and enhance the shopping experience throughout the site. Find more about how Truclothing transformed its website into a modern PWA here.

38. Garbarino

Garbarino is a retailer specializing in technology, appliances, and household items. This PWA website example experienced a conversion rate increase of 27% and a bounce rate decrease of 9%. Also, the page views rose 35% more due to the site’s better performance and faster load speed.

Garbarino PWA

39. The Raphael Hotel

The Raphael Hotel is located in Kansas City, United States. Since launching a progressive web app, The Raphael Hotel has achieved many standing-out results, from the web traffic to the positive signal from the user.

More and more users tend to search The Raphael hotel on Google. Thus, the Google search click-through rate increased by 20%, 77% more organic search traffic, and 129% more local search traffic. Besides, consumer behavior has changed, the session duration of the site improve by 59%, and mote 66% page views. As a result, the bounce rate is reduced a half. Moreover, the conversion rate is increased by 10%.

The Raphael Hotel

40. Mynet

Mynet provides news, videos, gaming, financial, informational, and entertainment content. After launching a progressive web app, the statistics show Mynet’s success. Since the average loading speed is four times faster, there is an increase of 34% in page views per session. Thus, the revenue per article pageview is increased by 25%.


41. Ola

Ola is a cab aggregator in India that reaches over 100 cities with a network of 600 thousand driver-partners. Completing more than a million rides every day, Ola must have a strong and fast system to satisfy customers.

Then, they decided to move on with a progressive web app. Right after the decision to turn to PWA, the site’s mobile traffic roared up 68%. Their PWA application size is 200kb which is 300 times and 500 times smaller than its Android and iOS apps. That’s why 20% of users who book a ride via PWA uninstalled the app.


42. Zee5

Zee5 is a video on demand website in India. The company admitted that the launch of their PWA is an effort to broaden its web reach. To compare with their regular mobile website, the spread of PWA is 5X. Also, it delivers all powerful features such as adding to the home screen, and push notifications like other PWA examples.


43. The Best Western River North Hotel

This hotel is in Chicago’s River North neighborhood in the city center and near the beach. There are only two pieces of information that show that this PWA project is standing out: a 300% increase in revenue and a 500% increase in room nights vs. the old website. Moreover, the Hotel responds that the site is swift, ensuring guests stay on-site rather than move from page to page.

The mobile experience is also enhanced with app-style interactions, which work fluently on poor connections and even without a connection. Along with those benefits, push notifications to boost user engagement. And the conversions of this PWA website example are much better, guests spend a longer time on site and make more bookings.

The Best Western River North Hotel


Voot is the top Indian video on demand products launched in March 2016. At first, Voot is available in both native apps and websites, but the problem is devices often have a storage limitation for the native apps. Hence, a mobile website is the best approach for Voot. Being one of the pioneers, they integrated PWA into their site in April 2017.

The improved performance of the mobile website leads to many benefits for Voot.

  • The page load time is reduced by 80%
  • The session duration per user increases by 39%
  • The bounce rate decreased by 19%
Voot PWA

45. Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line – is an international cruise line their headquarters is in Miami, Florida. To engage customers, this brand first uses targeted emails sent to customers who had placed a hold on the cruise. Then they turned to using push notifications that are personalized for every customer. The open rate of these notifications is relatively high at 42%.

Carnival Cruise Line

46. eXtra Electronics

eXtra Electronics is an electronics and home appliance retailer in Saudi Arabia. With web push notifications, extra doubled its e-commerce sales. The click-through rate is also slightly rose by 12%, and the re-engagement is quadrupled.

eXtra PWA


One of the top Indian startups is, the pioneer in online real estate platforms. After launching a progressive web app named Housing go, their conversion rate is going up 38%. Due to the 30% faster page load, 10% longer average session, and 40% lower bounce rate. PWA

48. Konga

Konga is a leading e-commerce website in Nigeria. Everything is selling on Konga, from furniture to electronics, even books, etc. With the big data and a huge number of transactions, Konga needs a PWA to optimize its site. Using the progressive web app helps Konga reduce 92% of data usage for the user. Furthermore, 82% of the data is cut in the first transaction compared to its native app.

Konga PWA

49. Benecos

Benecos is a natural and organic cosmetics brand in the UK. Thanks to PWA implementation, its website speed is optimized, and the storefront is more mobile-friendly.


50. Uber

Uber is a well-known multinational ride-hailing app. There are a lot of users with limited data usage. To solve this problem, Uber decided to launch a progressive web app. This PWA takes less than 3s to be fully loaded in 2G networks condition.


51. Twitter Lite

Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service in which users can post, like, retweet tweets, and interact with others. There are 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users. With more than 80% of the users are accessing via mobile, Twitter wants to bring them the best experience with Progressive Web App. The statistics show that Twitter achieved resounding success:

  • 65% increase in pages per session
  • 75% increase in Tweets sent
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
twitter lite pwa

52. Flipboard

Flipboard is a news aggregator and social network aggregation. The content of Flipboard is aggregated from many sources like social networks, social media, and photo-sharing sites.


53. Settled UK

Settled UK is an online estate agency. When building a PWA, the two biggest goals of this business are to improve the mobile user experience and provide an easy-to-use interface to make property transactions.

Afterward, their mobile transactions increased by 8%, bringing about a decrease of 13% in bounce rate and improved conversions by 23%.

Settled PWA

54. The Weather Channel

The Weather channel started to forecast in the 1980s and served millions of people worldwide. With the vision to bring the user the best experience and deliver essential data for people in need, The Weather Channel started to develop its Progressive web app available in 62 languages and 178 countries.

Like most PWA examples, the most realizable result from this PWA is the exponential load time (reduced by 80%).

Theweatherchannel PWA

55. Google Maps Go

According to Google, Google Maps Go and Google maps are working separately. Google Maps Go is definitely a PWA called a lightweight Google Map.

Google Maps Go

56. Facebook

Facebook created Facebook lite for all mobile devices. When accessing the Facebook website with mobile devices, the site automatically navigates to Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite

57. Nasa

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration located in the United States. They do responsible for civilian space programs (doing aeronautics and aerospace research).

Compared with their previous mobile website, the PWA is 5 times faster.


58. Instagram Lite

Instagram is a photo and video social network. It also has a mobile web app called Instagram Lite. Now that the user can access all the functions that only appeared on the native app.

Instagram Lite

59. Digikala

The biggest Iranian biggest e-commerce startup – Digikala, was founded in 2006. Digikala specialized in electrics and other goods. This brand account for 92% online retail market share in Iran.

After the appearance of its PWA, the site ranked the third most visited website with 1.7 million visitors per day.

Digikala PWA

60. Soundslice

Soundslice – a platform in which people can learn music via interactive notation. There are audio and video recordings, music notation, and tablature. The Soundslice PWA allows the users to play a piece of music while reading it on other devices. Its functions are pretty different from other PWA examples on the list.

Soundslice PWA

61. 2048

2048 is a puzzle game that is too famous for being mentioned. This game was released as a free app on Android and iOS in 2014. Then quickly became viral with over four million players in less than one week of launching.

The limitation of this game is the game can only be played on smartphones. Then the official PWA of 2048 is made to reach the larger players. With the like-app interface, it’s tough to tell the difference between 2048 PWA and the native app.


62. PadPiper (Kopa)

Padpiper is a place that helps to connect renters and hosts in the United States. The renters in PadPiper are students finding housing for school and internships.


63. Yummly

Yummly is a Progressive Web App that delivers cooking recipe recommendations for personalized tastes. Moreover, it also provides a recipe search system, a recipe box, a shopping list, and one-hour grocery delivery.

The Yummly’s PWA is now available along with its Android and iOS native app.


64. Progressive Beer

Progressive Beer is a Progressive Web App built to present all the best beer brands around the world.

Progressive Beer PWA

65. Gitex

Gitex Technology Week is one of the best-known tech events in the Middle East. They built a PWA to update event information and manage the event participants.


66. Khalifa University

Khalifa’s PWA is the event app for Khalifa University where any user can check-in or get more information about upcoming events.

This is quite a special case in the PWA examples directory since most PWA adopters are e-commerce or news websites.

67. Technodom

Technodom is an online store specializing in affordable electrical and computer equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since the website has a large number of products, it is often lagged and dissatisfies the customers. Technodom decided to build a PWA to increase the page and server load speed to deal with that.

Technodom PWA

68. Boonthavorn

Established in 1977, Boonthavorn is one of the largest PWA e-commerce examples. They are selling over 100,000 home decoration products in Thailand. They have up to 30 showrooms throughout the country.
Although having an enormous product quantity, Boonthavorn’s e-commerce website is still very fast, owing to PWA integration.


69. Harlow

Harlows is a family-run business delivering timber and sheet materials, engineered timber, windows, doors, and worktops in the UK. Its PWA offers unique B2B features such as trade accounts, custom pricing, and VAT switch.

Harlow PWA

70. La Nature

La Nature is an online jewelry store. Nearly 17,000 images directly impact the speed of the site. Thus, PWA brings La Nature unbelievable benefits. The loading time of La Nature’s catalog page is 0.1 seconds.

La Nature PWA

71. BaBe

BaBe is the biggest Indonesian news aggregator. More than a million people have downloaded the native app of BaBe before launching a PWA. They realized that as long as they expand their target outside the big cities, they have to build a cross-platform due to the customer’s poor connectivity and low-end devices.

They built a Progressive Web app that leverages the news, loads faster, is lighter, and uses less data than a native app.

babe indonesia

72. 5miles

5miles is a marketplace where people can buy and sell everything. More than 50% of users approach 5miles with their mobile devices, but the company found out that it is tough to have a fast and engaging website like an app. Later, they decided to build a Progressive Web App. Immediately, the bounce rate was reduced by 50% and 60% more conversions.


73. Suumo

The top Japanese real estate website – Suumo, also builds its progressive web app. After using Push notifications, one of the most significant features of PWA, Suumo experienced a 31% open rate and decreased 75% loading time.


74. Debenhams

Debenhams is a British retailer specializing in fashion, beauty, and home, which has over 240 stores in more than 27 countries. Intending to improve customer experience, Debenhams partnered with Sapient to build a PWA.

The results are not out of expectations: mobile revenue increased by 40%, and the conversion rate increased by 20%.

Debenhams PWA


TALLY WEiJL is a fashion brand established in 1984. They are now having over 780 stores located in 37 countries. Changing the site to the progressive web app, TALLY WEiJL takes less than 2 seconds to fully load the site, even on the 2G connection.


76. Zadig & Voltaire

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE is a French fashion brand. Along with the fast loading speed, Z&V focuses on the art of website design.

Zadig&Voltaire PWA

77. Kubota

Kubota is a Poland sportswear brand. This site has a clear and impressive design.

Kubota PWA

78. Gastro Hero

Gastro Hero is located in Dortmund, Germany. They sell kitchen appliances and offer free shipping in Germany. With a huge number of products, they need a fast-loading site like Progressive Web App.

Gastro Hero

79. The Suit Depot

As its name, The suit depot sells suits and accessories for men. The Suit Depot is based in Oak Park, Michigan. They also do on-site tailoring for the customer.

The Suit Depot

80. Klebefieber

Klebefieber is selling wall decals and home ideas in Germany. The site is blazing fast with a beautiful user interface like almost all PWA examples.


81. Danone Direct

Danone Direct is a Russian healthy products provider. They sell food supplements, dairy, plant products, and baby food.

82. Alma Green Design

Alma Green is a bedding design brand using recycled and organic cotton. This brand is in Barcelona, Spain. Like other PWA site examples, they hope to increase customer satisfaction after moving on with Progressive Web App.

Almagreendesign PWA

83. NY Vape Shop

This is a famous Vape shop in New York. The NY Vape Shop’s progressive web app is 90% smaller than its native app.

NY Vape Shop

84. Special Milano

Special Milano is a sneakers retailer in Milan, Italy.

Special Milano PWA

85. Bareblends

At first, Bareblends grow up as a protein powder brand in Australia. Afterward, they decided to move to sell nutritional powders and superfoods.

Bare Blends PWA

86. Wonect

The word Wonect is the combination of world and connection because the mission of Wonect is to connect the world. They begin selling Japanese cameras first, then Japanese products due to customer demand.


87. Dear Sam

Dear Sam is an online posters shop. They have an elegant design.

Dear Sam PWA

88. Major Rum

Major Rum is an online liquor store in the Netherlands. It is considered one of the first PWA examples in this country.

Major Rum

89. Malianta

Malianta is a luxury hand-made bag brand in Italy. Their bag is considered to be unique and non-replicable.


90. The Jewel in Giving

The Jewel in Giving is the charity fundraising tool built with PWA. In every single Jewel in Giving product, there is an unprecedented 12.5% donation.

TheJewelInGiving PWA

91. Peregrine

Peregrine is a clothing brand in the UK. The vision of Peregrine is “making hard-wearing products that are fit for purpose and cause an as little environmental impact as possible.”

Peregrine PWA

92. Vendella

Vendella is a home furniture store; its Progressive Web App is one of the most phenomenal PWA examples in New Zealand.


93. Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson, the Jeweller, is a family jewel business. They provide jewelry from TAG Heuer, Bremont, Raymond Weil, Gucci, Rado, Oris, etc. Among PWA e-commerce examples, Peter Jackson stands out with their elegant design.

Peter Jackson PWA

94. Hulii

The next company mentioned in this PWA examples list is Hulli, a marketplace selling refurbished phones.


95. Rooted Object

Rooted Object provides clothing, beauty care, home furniture, and accessories in India. This is a good PWA example showing how the effectiveness of PWA on e-commerce stores.

Rooted object

96. Trivago

Trivago is a pioneer in the hotel search engine field to integrate the Progressive web app into its system. This brand’s available in more than 33 languages across 55 countries and contains huge data. The main purpose of Trivago using PWA is to improve the conversion. The results turn out an unbelievable success. The number of users who add the app to the home screen has increased by 150%, with a 97% increase in click-outs to hotel offers.


97. Kniveksperten

One of the last PWA examples that you can see for reference is

This is a Norwegian online store with thousands of knife products and maintenance equipment (e.g., brows, grinding machines, and sharpening steels).


98. APAC

APAC PWA is developed to manage the guest list and communicate with the guests.


99. Scene

The scene is the dictionary of events in Abu Dhabi; its PWA allows users to buy a ticker or save it in a wish list and more.


100. TigrenPWA

If you want to find e-commerce PWA examples to know how they work and to experience all the fantastic functions, let’s visit TigrenPWA.

It’s worth noting that this website is not an actual e-commerce business, just a comprehensive PWA demo. You should try it on both desktop and mobile devices to not miss any exciting features!

tigren pwa examples

Let’s take a look back at all the PWA examples we’ve listed.

PWA Examples

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