Chapter 2

PWA Features

Discover all outstanding features of Progressive Web App, and learn how to use each of them effectively.
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pwa add to home screen

PWA’s Add To Home Screen

Add to home screen is a feature that makes PWA totally different from any other type of regular website or mobile native app.

pwa push notifications

PWA’s Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages that appear on mobile phones like a reminder. This function is known to be available on native apps.

pwa offline mode

PWA’s Offline Mode

When it comes to visiting a website without network connection, it shows a blank page with no information. For a PWA, it is a different story.

pwa background sync

PWA’s Background Sync

Background Sync has made it possible for users to save and restore things that users did on the site before the disconnection happens. 

pwa on desktop

PWA On Desktop

When it comes to PWA, most people just think about its impressive performance on mobile devices. But, desktop PWA is not less incredible.