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PWA’s Offline Mode

“Black-and-white dinosaur, here we go again” is the joke people mention every time the connection gets lost. However, this scenario is annoying rather than hilarious. Progressive Web App has fixed this limitation of an original website by introducing the PWA Offline Mode.

This post will explain PWA’s offline capability in further detail to help merchants find it easier to start the process of integrating PWA.

Let’s dive into it!

What Is PWA Offline Mode?

When it comes to visiting a website in Offline Mode, all that capture people’s minds is a blank page with no information. 

For a PWA, it is a different story. The users can still view certain pages when they turn off the Wi-fi mode or are cut from the Internet connection.

Thus, PWA can bring users with interesting offline experiences and site browsing consistency.

How Does It Work?

It’s worth noting that PWA users will be able to access only the pages that have been loaded before (instead of all the pages, as many people think) in low-quality or even without the Internet connection.

This feature operates based on the Service Workers. Through preaching technology, data loaded before on PWA will be saved on the device.

In simpler terms, the data will be stored the first time users visit pages. Then the next time accessing – when customers open the page for the second time, they can still interact with those even in offline conditions.

What Are The Key Benefits of Offline-Capable PWA?

Since Progressive Web App can work offline, it upgrades the normal website to a whole new level. It brings along several benefits to both merchants and consumers.

To Users

Thanks to network-independent PWA, the shoppers can access the stores even when there is a lack of network connection or under an unstable one.

As a result, the purchasing process will not be interrupted, and the shopping experience will be enhanced significantly.

pwa work offline

To Merchants

Expanding the customer base

In some areas like South Africa, India, mobile data is much more expensive than the other regions, making them data-sensitive. And with the offline mode, PWA can help the users to consume less data.

PWA can broaden our customer base by requiring a narrow bandwidth by approaching data-sensitive customers and the customers in areas with a slow and poor data connection.

Improving website performance

Offline mode also brings about faster-loading speed. Only the first time loading the pages lasts a little longer than usual. However, the pages would appear at lightning speed from the second view. 

According to Google’s research, more than 53 percent of users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. But we don’t have to worry if our website is a PWA; it can load instantly with offline mode.

Increasing customer engagement

If the Internet is not working on users’ devices, the content is still presented instead of seeing nothing. This will increase the users’ session duration. In simple words, the user will spend more time on PWA.

And the more time users spend, the higher level of engagement to the PWA is. 

Wrapping Up

Through this article, we hope you can see the benefits of Progressive Web App’s offline capability.

Unlike a regular website, the user can only visit a website with an Internet connection; PWA allows the users to interact with it regardless of the Internet connection quality.

And if you want to experience an offline-first PWA, try our demo now, or discover more amazing features of PWA here.

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