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PWA’s Push Notifications

Progressive Web App (PWA) is becoming more popular among merchants due to its advanced features. One of them is the PWA Push Notification. If you are wondering how PWA Push Notifications can improve your current e-commerce website, this article is a perfect explanation.

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What Is PWA Push Notification?

Push Notifications are messages that appear on mobile phones like a reminder. Customers usually see messages popping up on their smartphone screens from apps like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

This function is known to be available on native apps. Now with PWA, merchants can integrate this feature on their website.

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How Do PWA Push Notifications Work?

PWA Push Notification is a function beyond the browser. It allows the business owners to send any message that they want to the customers’ mobile devices.

The content of the message depends on what stores want to notify their customers (e.g., promotions, the release of the new collection,…).

Also, it is possible to access and edit the content of the message. Each message often includes a small image/ icon, title, and a few lines of text.

The stores can customize the message several times to get the content that best suits their expectations. Besides, the admins can schedule the time to send push notifications to PWA users.

As soon as the store owners send the information on the website backend, the customers will immediately have the notifications pop up on their mobile screen.

This push notification function works differently between operating systems. What’s a pity, it has not yet been implemented on Safari, so the iOS users still can not be notified while the push notification on Android works seamlessly.

What Benefits Do PWA Push Notifications Bring?

What can PWA Push Notification do for e-commerce businesses? The below list of push notifications’ benefits will blow your mind. 

To Users

Being immediately updated on the news can help customers purchase products at a reasonable price or not miss the chance to buy limited goods.

This function also assures that customers can always know about any special events that the store is going to hold.

Customers usually have a busy schedule, and most of them do not have the habit of checking the websites of e-commerce stores. Thus, push notifications mean fewer tasks of typing and clicking to access the store while still being able to receive the news.

Furthermore, push notifications bring the users favorable app-like feelings.

To Merchants

Increase Site Traffic

To a user, notification pop-ups stimulate their curiosity. It is tough to ignore the notification or to not click on them.

This somehow helps the merchants to increase traffic to their website.

Improve Customer Communication

Instead of spending a considerable amount of money on advertisements, banners, posters, leaflets while still unsure if they can reach the targeted customers, merchants now should consider using free but effective PWA Push Notifications.

It provides a more effective way to approach buyers by creating more interaction and engagement between the stores and shoppers.

Enhance Brand Recognition

Push notifications alert the users of coupons, special offers, last-minute deals, and more, which is considered a powerful marketing tool.

Also, this function creates strong recognition by allowing businesses to use brand logos in the messages.

Boost Conversion Rates

All of the benefits that push notifications brought to the merchants, like increasing traffic, communicating with the customers, or enhancing brand awareness, have a common purpose of raising the conversion rates.

PWA Push Notification is a powerful conversion hack that e-stores can’t ignore with regular marketing messages and a gentle approach.

Tips To Use PWA Push Notifications Effectively

It’s easy to see the benefits of push notifications, but not all merchants know how to use them wisely to catch the eye of their purchasers truly. Here’re some tips to make the most of this PWA function:

Keep The Message Short

10 is the perfect number of words that appear in one push notification message. Bear in mind that the space to display a push notification on the screen is limited. A longer message may take merchants more time to brainstorm, but the notification only shows a part of it.

Plus, customers usually stare at the home screen for just a few seconds, so customers might choose to skip the notification if the message is too long.

Pay Attention To Frequency

If clients receive too many notifications, it could cause frustration, and they might decide to uninstall the PWA.

Thus, it is not wise of store owners to send messages too many times. The suggested frequency to deliver notifications is 2-3 times per week. Plus, merchants should not send the same notification repeatedly.

Make Content Like A Personal Chat

Customizing the message to be similar to a conversation between friends can make buyers more engaged with the store.

Thus, it builds a better relationship between users and merchants, promises more purchases of store products in the future.

Wrapping Up

It’s easy and fast to send PWA push notifications, but the benefits merchants can get are huge (e.g., growing site traffic, communicating with buyers effectively, building brand awareness, optimizing conversion rate…).

Besides push notifications, there are also many upgraded features of PWA like running in offline mode, loading quickly, being added to users’ mobile home screens,… All of them are going to transform the current online shopping site into a more user-friendly platform that attracts a lot of new visitors.

We hope through our post, merchants can have a better understanding of PWA as well as its push notification function and make a plan to start building PWA as soon as possible. 

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