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PWA On Desktop

When it comes to Progressive Web App, people always think about PWA on mobile devices. But the truth is that it also works incredibly on the desktop. If you want to experience how amazing desktop PWA is, first and foremost, let’s try our demo. Then, turn back to find out how it benefits users and merchants in this post!

What Are Benefits Of PWA On Desktop For Users?

First, let’s see what benefits that PWA on the desktop brings to users.

1. Fast Page Loading Speed

As we all know, page loading speed is one of the most crucial factors affecting the user experience.

For desktop Progressive Web App users, they will definitely be satisfied with the lightning load speed (two, three times faster than normal websites).

Especially, from the second time visiting the site onwards, the PWA will be loaded like a flash, without any second delayed. It’s thanks to the underlying technology called Service Workers, which are able to display the content that used to be requested.

2. Quick Accessibility

Once the users access the PWA via browser, they would find the symbol “+” on the right of the URL bar.

And just by a few clicks, the PWA is installed on the desktop background.

add to homescreen Magento 2 PWA on desktop

3. Regular Push Notification

When accessing the PWA for the first time, apart from the “Add to home screen” pop-up, the users also receive a request asking whether they want to receive the notification or not.

Because push notifications on the desktop are regularly sent to the users, they will not miss out on a good deal, sale-off, or promotion campaign.

4. Fast Check-Out Progress

checkout Magento 2 PWA on desktop

Some PWA themes have integrated the one-step checkout, which helps to accelerate time for completing checkout and significantly reduce cart abandonment rate.

5. Exciting Offline Mode

Unlike the regular website, desktop PWA can be approached without an Internet connection. Owing to Service Workers, PWA is allowed to cache all of the data after the first visit.

offline mode Magento 2 PWA on desktop

Therefore, instead of showing “no Internet connection”, PWA displays the stored content.

Hence, this offline mode feature creates huge conveniences for users. People can check up the products, price, or checkout status again even there is no connection.

What Are Benefits Of PWA On Desktop For PWA Owners?

Desktop Progressive Web App also delivers values for business owners by being an effective brand reminder, a supportive marketing tool, and a means to impress the users.

1. Effective Brand Reminder

Every time the users turn on their PC, they immediately see the shortcut of the PWA that is the brand logo in most cases. Not only once, but the users can see it every day. Somehow, it will remind them to revisit the store.

Besides, instead of remembering the complicated website addresses, the customers now can access the site with effortlessness. They just need to click on the PWA icon on the desktop home screen. 

2. Supportive Marketing Tool

After installing the PWA on the desktop, the app users can receive frequent push notifications from the business. The messages will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen with attractive information about the store’s sales promotion or news.

Compared to expensive traditional marketing methods like email marketing, SMS marketing, or Google ads, desktop PWA’s push notification is not only more budget-friendly but also more effective with higher conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, whether on mobile or desktop, the Progressive Web App can deliver substantial benefits to both users and the business.

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