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PWA’s Background Sync

When it comes to Progressive Web App, most of us instantly think about many popular features like push notifications, connectivity independent, or app-like interface. However, PWA Background Sync is a feature that also brings a better experience but is still unheard of to many people.

Let’s see what it is and how it contributes a considerable affection to the success of PWA, especially e-commerce PWA.

What Is PWA Background Sync?

Losing the Internet connection while on the site comes with the inability to view the pages, and all your previous actions might not be recorded.

To fix this issue, PWA Background Sync has made it possible for users to restore things that they did on the site before the disconnection happens. 

This post will explain further how this feature works and why it levels up the experience of users.

How Does It Work?

With a normal website, when a user taps any button on the site, things will respond well in a good connection.

The situation is different when no connection is available. There is nothing to view on the site, and the previous action on the site is not recorded. It might be rather annoying as customers might have to redo those things later on. 

Background Sync has made the lack of connection less irritating by saving the last action of customers.

More specifically, PWA can help users defer their actions on the site when having zero connectivity and automatically handle correlative requests when reconnection occurs (even if the users exited from the tab).

For example, a customer adds an item to the shopping cart (in an e-commerce PWA) without noticing that his device went offline. As usual, he must wait until the device is connected again to the network and re-add the product to the cart. However, thanks to the Background Sync, his add-to-cart action will be postponed and executed once he gets connectivity.

What Are The Key Benefits Of PWA Background Sync?

To The Users

As you can see, Background Sync is a feature that aims to streamline and improve the user experience.

Frequently, the users are disturbed by poor connectivity, but Background Sync helps alleviate the issue by saving time waiting for the network and repeating their actions.

This works for both the news websites with comments/ reactions to the stories or posts and the online stores with common add-to-cart/ sign-in/ checkout/ contact actions. All will be recorded in offline condition and appear as soon as reconnection occurs.

To The Business Owners

PWA Background Sync feature contributes greatly to the improvement of the site performance.

Moreover, merchants can minimize the failure of ordering due to the low-quality connection with this function. In the long term, this also can help to increase sales and revenue. 

Wrapping Up

The introduction of the Progressive Web App with powerful Background Synchronization feature has signed the beginning of a new web/ app format.

When the digital world is spinning at a fast speed, it is important to integrate the best technological innovation – PWA into your business. It will not only increase the satisfaction of your users but also bring more future orders. 

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